Romaine Wrap Lunch

I actually forgot about this blog for a while, but now that I’ve found it again, I’d like to start posting more recipes. To start, this is what I had for lunch today.

Tuna mixed with avocado mayo, sprinkled with fresh dill, red-cabbage chipotle cole slaw, tomatoes, red peppers, and mayo on a crisp romaine leaf! It was delicious, and I’m slowly trying to wean myself off the mayo. Slowly.

I’m trying really hard to lose weight and I seem to have stalled at 180lbs-185lbs. In Robb Wolf’s podcast he mentions forgetting the scale and focusing on eating clean and healthy. I’m still nervous about that, because I also have hypothyroidism and I suspect that may be affecting my weight loss. It might also be the mayo!

In any case, this was lunch.

I’ll be posting later with pictures from dinner, and possibly the recipe!


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