Eggs In a Nest

Last night, after supper, I found that my blood sugars were slowly creeping higher. They were’t as high as they would get if I’d had wheat, but they were climbing and I felt like crap. They went from 7.8mmol/L, to 10.4, to 11.4 within a couple of hours. I gave myself 6 units of novorapid (insulin) to counteract it and that seemed to work well.

I’ve decided that I really like sweet potatoes, but I’ll probably eat them in the mornings instead of at dinner time. That way, I can work off the carbohydrates during the day instead having the carbohydrates work me over after supper when I’m sitting on the couch watching television, you know, part of a healthy lifestyle and all that.

Without further ado! Here’s breakfast.

  • Leftover sweet potatoes (I used the bacon dill double baked ones from last night)
  • eggs
  • pepper
  • cast iron pan (you don’t really need this, but I’m madly in love with mine and I don’t know why anyone would use teflon if they could use cast iron!)

Take the mashed potatoes and form them into little paddies (I had 2, but you can make as many as you’re hungry for) in the bottom of the pan. Dig out the center so you have a gaping hole. Crack eggs into the holes, sprinkle with pepper, and let them cook for a couple of minutes.

When the eggs look almost cooked, go ahead and flip them to cook off the rest of the white mucous but not enough to cook the yolk through. I love a runny yolk, but I despise the snot texture of egg whites. However, you cook the eggs the way you like them.

When they’re finished, serve them up and enjoy!


3 comments on “Eggs In a Nest

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