A Warmup and Workout

What would a 30 Day Challenge be without some exercise? I need exercise but I am poor. I do, however, have a cast iron skillet that I’m sure I could use for strength training! These are a couple of videos I found online that are easy and don’t require going to a gym or the use of any expensive equipment. Looks like I’ve found my first workout!

I emailed my local crossfit gym, which happens to be across town, to ask them if they had any experience with diabetics. They said they have 2 personal trainers that are familiar with diabetes, but:

“I would recommend coming in to the gym to talk to both of them. You can also go to our website, click on Promotions and print off a coupon for 2 free classes and give CrossFit a try.

We encourage everyone to do CrossFit instead of personal training as our programming is designed to allow modifications for all fitness levels.

Let me know if you have any other questions and we hope to see you soon!”

This sounds so exciting but to be honest, I’m a little terrified. I’m terribly unfit and overweight and my boobs jiggle too much unless I duct tape them down. I think I’m going to try the 2 free classes though, and see what it’s like. I’m afraid to go because I’m afraid I’ll like it and then I’ll have to spend money to become a gym rat.

I’ve been fretting about working out as well because of my diabetes. I have no idea how to manage my blood sugars post-workout. It’s scary because if I go too low, it’s super dangerous, mind you in the past it seems like after I work out they tend to be higher. I suppose eating paleo would help me with this. I just got a very encouraging response back from the crossfit gym. I’m definitely going to try it out.

“:) Everyone is a bit intimidated as you are walking into the unknown. I assure you, we have every skill level in our gym and we all work out together.

Our classes are structured, with a skill for the first half hour and then a “Met Con” (metabolic conditioning) after. We post all our workouts on the website but of course, if you are not familiar with CrossFit terminology it will not make much sense to you.

Don’t be scared, just come! The hardest part is that first step in the door. :)”

Anyway, baby steps. But the goal is to actually take those steps…


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