Nothing Much to Report

We went out for dinner last night. I had a bun-less burger with the house salad with balsamic vinaigrette. I forgot to ask them to leave off the BBQ sauce, so I ate it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had gluten or a ton of glucose in it because my blood sugars were a bit higher than usual for after dinner. I got as high as a 12.8, which, normally I wouldn’t be terribly concerned about. However, since that’s the highest they’ve ever been since I started my Paleo Challenge, I gave myself 3 units of novorapid. They slowly started coming down, and then I gave myself the now 16 units of levemir (down from 18!)

I gave Martin the crispy onions from on top of my burger because they were probably dusted in flour and then fried. He told me that it probably wouldn’t matter if I ate them. I do love them. But I told him that weight loss meant a lot to me and that I was really trying hard to stick to the Challenge. He commended me and told me he was proud of me while he ate my onions.

It’s not so hard to implement paleo at home. I just got the kids Sarah Fragoso’s book, Paleo Pals: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship. River is excited to be a paleo pal superhero, but she’s still eating macaroni and gross crap at my mom’s. I need to talk to my mom about the way she feeds the kids. Now if only I could find a way to do it without pissing her off. At least I got her to stop drinking gingerale. What I really want to do is get them to stop using margarine and use butter instead.

Anyway, nothing terribly delicious to report on, hopefully I’ll have a yummy pork tenderloin dinner tonight, but we’ll see.

Here’s some pictures I took from  my walk yesterday. My mom had Rowan, so I got to run with Poe down by the river. It was awesome. She scared a bunch of geese into the river, they were honking and grumpy.


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