I Have High Cholesterol

I went to see my endocrinologist not too long ago. I hadn’t been in a couple of years so I was assigned a new one. He was nice, but he was overweight, and told me that it’s probably not a good idea to follow Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solutions (pretty much the diabetic bible) because it’s too restrictive and most people fail eventually.

I thought this was rather disheartening, and it made me a bit angry too. Too restrictive? It’s almost exactly like a paleo diet, with a few modifications. I don’t find paleo all that restrictive, because if I ate the same amount of gluten/carbohydrates as the average person, it would mess up my blood sugars big time. Which is what’s happening now. I’ve almost doubled my insulin because I’ve been eating so terribly lately. If I continued on this path, I would eventually get heart disease or any other number of complications from (poorly managed) diabetes.

I don’t understand why more diabetics aren’t coming around. It’s pretty awful when the doctor told me that too many people find the diet too restrictive. He was nice about it though, and told me that if it was working for me, than I should continue with it. It also annoyed me that he had never read the book. I mean, if you’re a doctor specializing in a specific disease, shouldn’t you know what’s out there in terms of research and information?

Before I had been referred to the endocrinologist, I had some blood work done and everything looked good except for my cholesterol. It was a bit high. The doctor said that because I’m still trying to lose weight, he wouldn’t put me on statins. As if I’d take statins anyway. Ugh. No thanks.

I think this video is pretty accurate, and diabetic or not, I’m pretty happy with the rest of my blood results.


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