Yeast Beast Update – WARNING: There is Vagina Talk in the Post

I seem to have forgotten that my body doesn’t really like sesame seeds. I’ve had pretty strong reactions to them before in the form of explosive diarrhea, which is ridiculous that I would forget that, alas tonight I did. I only garnished my meal with them, but I’ve been pretty gassy all night. Maybe it’s the garlic. Maybe it’s the onions. Most likely, it’s the sesame seeds.

I guess it doesn’t help that I started my period today and my uterus is feeling a bit crampy too. Yikes. I guess I’ll see in the next couple of hours how bad this might get.

As for that pesky yeast infection, it seems to have been curbed. I’m so relieved. I think the fluconazole really fixed it, and also of course, the elimination of the ice cream. I think the constant ingestion of diet coke and way too much ice cream not only caused, but encouraged the yeast infection.

I’m hoping that as my period flows this month, it’ll cleanse out whatever other nasties might be lurking in my vagina so that when it’s over, I’ll finally be able to have sex again.




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