Raw Goat Milk and Eczema

I’ve been reading a lot about the virtues of raw milk. I haven’t had milk since I was 16-years-old and decided to become a vegetarian. I had raw goat’s milk once when I was visiting my uncle in BC. It was so delicious. When I found the Ottawa Organic Farmer’s Market, I found some raw goat milk and couldn’t wait to try it.

It was delicious. It was creamy. It was everything I wanted it to be. Until I broke out. I thought I was getting a wart on my thumb last yesterday. I had had a glass of milk Saturday morning, and again last night before bed, not thinking anything of it.

Then I thought I was also getting a wart on my finger. Then my hand started to itch. And my feet. After I had the milk last night, I felt a bit queazy and the ithching got really bad.  The eczema on my arm flared up so bad that finally had use corticosteroid cream to relieve the itch.

When I woke up this morning, my hands and feet really hurt. I thought I was getting warts all over my hands, but luckily I think it’s just blisters. They hurt like blisters. Here are some pictures, I didn’t use any filters on them as I wanted them to be accurate, except for the foot one. I just got back from a barefoot walk (which felt so good on my itchy, blistered feet!) and I was hoping I could filter them enough to look clean. Obviously I was wrong, but you can still see the lumps.



Anyway, looks like dairy is out for me. Which is a damn shame since it tastes so good. Anyway, I’m going completely dairy free until this resolves. It’s just not worth aggravating it by eating cheese or having cream in my coffee. Sigh. I love cream in my coffee, and I have to start getting up in the morning for my new job. Ugh.

Next post I hope will be a recipe! It’s River’s birthday today and she’s asked for waffles for dinner. I have some leftover maple cream cheese frosting from her birthday cake that needs to get eaten, so I’ll use that for a topping for the kids. I think I’ll just make myself some salmon though. I want to keep it really simple for now, until my body starts to heal from this outbreak.


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