The Consequences of Bad Choices

We took the kids to Calypso on Friday and we had so much fun. Martin went out and bought a picnic lunch for him and the kids and I decided to make my own paleo picnic for me.

I used 2 cans of tuna, 1 small avocado, the juice from half a lemon, a bit of organic olive oil that I got at the farmer’s market, and some salt and pepper. I also topped it with some sweet potatoes that I had had for breakfast, sauteed in coconut oil. It was simple, delicious, and quite filling. Next time I would add some herbs, though. To make it more flavourful. I also ate some smoked salmon, wrapped in some roasted seaweed (nori) that I got at an asian market near where I live. It’s so delicious, but I didn’t realize that some smoked salmon has sugar in the ingredients. It really is important to read the labels in everything, because you just never know when there is some hidden ingredients like sugar or wheat or gluten.

Last night I made the most delicious roasted chicken. I got the chicken from the Organic Farmer’s Market and it was quite a good sized bird. I slathered it in butter and used poultry seasoning and sea salt on top of it. Inside, I found the liver and neck still in it. Awesome! I added it to a crock pot with some of the leftover carrot tops and onions skins, tons of garlic, and some leek to make soup. I stuffed the bird with lemon, garlic and onions, and around the outside I put lots of leek, onions, carrots, and garlic. I roasted it for two hours at 375F and it came out beautifully. I served it with mashed carrots that I mixed with lots of butter and cinnamon, and I braised the carrot tops in the last bit of boar fat that I had and some chicken broth.

It was so delicious. Even the kids ate it and told me how delicious it was! When we were done, I picked the rest of the meat off to use for the kid’s school lunches and threw the carcass into the crock pot with the rest of the stuff. Before I went to bed I strained out all the vegetable matter so that it wouldn’t overcook and turn bitter. This morning I had a delicious cup of chicken broth that tasted fantastic.

I woke up this morning with the itchiest nipples ever. I knew it was from the butter that I used on the chicken. I guess all dairy is out for me, which really sucks. But I was bad today. I figured since my nipples were already on fire and the eczema spot on my arm was already itching like crazy and since I was really in the mood for a treat, I had some ice cream. It was delicious, but I’m still trying to figure out if it was worth the intense burning itch on my arm.

Anyway, I made the choice and now I’m living with the consequence.

I was on the phone with Maddy last night talking about how I don’t think eggs are working for me anymore either and my husband just rolled his eyes and said, “gawd, you can’t eat anything anymore! You never used to have all these problems when you ate this stuff!”

It’s funny that he noticed that, but it’s not true. My eczema used to be this bad, worse even. It’s only cleared up since I stopped eating dairy and eggs. And I love eggs. I love eggs so much I used to eat 3 almost every single day for years. Anyway, I’ll still eat them once in a while now, regardless of how many days later I’m left itching. I’ll still make paleo mayo with the yolks (though I have yet to try a recipe with just the yolks and no whites.)

No reaction though, had been as bad as when I had the milk. It’s been a week and I still have the remnants of blisters on my hands and feet. I have no pain, thankfully, but the marks are still there. It’s pretty crazy, to see them.

Anyway, I would have used coconut oil on the chicken but I ran out when I was baking. I bought some today so I don’t have to worry about using butter anymore. Which is a damn shame. I’d like to try ghee, but I’m going to wait a couple of weeks to get my body off the dairy and eggs first before I make any attempts to try anything else.

I’m not sure what else I’ll be making for dinner tonight. Maybe something simple like shrimp with lemon and oil or something. Maybe wrapped in a nori roll. Could be delicious.

We’ve also decided that after dinner tonight we’re going to have a ‘lunch packing party’ since the girls start school tomorrow. We’re all going to pack our lunches to make sure everyone’s set for school. I’ll be taking some pictures of their lunches to illustrate how easy it is to pack a paleo lunch!

One more thing; Martin’s mother was nice enough to go to Costco for us and buy a bunch of food that I would never normally buy for the kids. While I appreciate the offer, I don’t consider yogurt covered granola bars healthy. Luckily, on the side of the box it says that it may contain traces of nuts and/or tree nuts, rendering it unacceptable for the girls for school. I’ll just drop off the 38 bars to my mom’s house. That way it’s not wasting food, and I know the kids won’t be eating them. Phew.


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