21DSD – Creamy Butternut Squash Soup

I had to go for blood work this morning, and it I wasn’t allowed eating anything for the previous 12 hours. Ugh. I also didn’t prepare myself anything to eat for when I got home, so I had to do it when I got home, double ugh. Anyway, now I’m starving and my butternut squash is almost done cooking. I’m hungry and I want to eat.

I’ve made myself some bacon. While it was cooking, I decided I needed more than just bacon, so I chopped some onions and started them cooking in the bacon fat. Then I decided I needed more than just onions and bacon and remembered that I have a can of full fat coconut milk in the fridge and an idea was born!

I grabbed the butternut squash (a LIMITED food for the level 3 sugar detox, 1 cup/day) and tossed it in the pressure cooker.


When it was ready, I took the 1 cup daily allotment and tossed it in with the onions and cooked until it was warm. Then I added a whole can of coconut milk and stirred it well until the squash was well incorporated. I also had some leftover chicken from a few nights ago, so I added some shredded chicken. I grabbed the bacon and crumbled it on top. I also added 2 ladle-fulls of beef  bone broth that I had simmering in my crock pot that needed to get used up. I was just working with what I had, so if you don’t have bone broth, you don’t have to use it. However, I would add salt in that case. The bone broth I used was almost cooked down to the bottom of the pot, so I knew it would be extra salty.

Also, if you want this to be have a more sauce-like texture, use half a can of coconut milk instead of the whole thing. This would also be good served as a sauce over spaghetti squash!

I topped it with fresh cilantro and a nice spritz of lemon. You could easily sub in dill or even poultry seasoning if you don’t have the fresh cilantro.


This could easily be 2-3 meals. Because I skipped breakfast, though, and it’s getting later into the afternoon, I had a huge serving of it and only have enough for one more serving. Perfect for breakfast tomorrow, and it all has just one cup of butternut squash, so if it’s divided, even better.

As for the actual detox, I’ve been surprised so far at the amount of people talking about their headaches on the Facebook group. I’m not judging, I just find it surprising that so many people eat enough to sugar to warrant getting a headache when they stop. Then, today, I woke up with a really bad rash on the back of my hands and side of my face. It’s itchy and annoying but it feels like an eczema flare up – even though I haven’t eaten any of my trigger foods. I’m told this is normal, and that whenever we change the way we eat, our body will usually get worse before it gets better. I suppose it’s comforting to know that it will go away in a couple of days, but I’m afraid I might scratch my face off before that happens.

How are you doing with the detox?


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