My goals are pretty simple. I want to lose weight. I want to be healthy. I want pristine blood sugar control.  I want to set a wonderful example for my three children. I really want a svelte body, not the lumpy one I have now. I’ve never been more ready or more dedicated. This is it.

I want to be fit by the time I hit 30, which is in July. I know it’s unrealistic to expect to lose the 50-60lbs I want to lose by then, but as long as I’m on my way, I’ll consider myself a success.



Edited to add:

I hit 30 and I’m not as fit as I wanted to be. It’s alright, I’m a work in progress. I’m still paleo, still dedicated, still striving to lose this weight. I’m getting there. People keep telling me how good I look, how much weight I’ve lost, but I still don’t see it. The scale is still showing me the same numbers. I’m not supposed to look at the numbers, but they’re there, haunting me. Anyway, it’s a journey, and I’m on my way.


3 comments on “Goals

  1. markkoeks says:

    Hi – how’s your progress been on losing your excess weight by your d-day? What have been your biggest struggles? Does your family eat paleo too and have they adopted it easily? Very interesed – Good luck for the last 4 days!

    • Thanks for commenting! I try to keep my family paleo, but it’s hard. My kids eat CRAP when they visit my mom, and that’s pretty often. My son will go without dinner before eating something that he doesn’t want to, which is everything. I’m trying. My husband has stopped eating paleo and has put on a bunch of weight.
      I’m taking this bull by the horns and making it happen though. I’m tired of feeling like crap. I actually completed my 30 day challenge and continued for a long time, but in the last couple weeks I’ve been floundering. Ice cream is my nemesis!
      The biggest struggles I have come from family who just doesn’t understand what I’m doing. They think I’m being picky and don’t understand why I read the ingredients on everything and why I can’t just eat what they serve. It’s frustrating.
      I’ll be updating more, I hope you’ll stick around to read about it. Thanks for reading!

  2. Mark says:

    I totally know how you feel…. The reason I find though is that they don’t understand the “why”. For me it’s control of my sugars and dis-ease free when I’m older, and plus I feel great. But doing all the reading, I have gained knowledge and it makes sense to me.

    YOur family has not taken the initiative to gain that knowledge, and that’s what makes it harder. Plus they haven’t figured out a WHY they would like to do it.

    I sent this article to my wife, after many months of ups and downs and finally giving up on her saying “you’re” in control of your life, so you deal with it!” This was my last effort, for her to understand why is was important to me that I wanted her to read about the methodology, and gain the knowledge.


    Good luck!

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