Milk Blisters Update

The milk blisters (as I’ve come to call them) have all but resolved. I have lots of peeling on my hands and feet, but the blisters themselves are gone and they don’t hurt anymore. Yay!

I had eggs twice over the weekend, and now I can confirm with certainty that I don’t tolerate eggs very well. My eczema flared up pretty bad and is still itchy 3 days later. Ugh. I love eggs, adore them, even. This definitely makes me sad. I also ate some gluten this weekend, which made me feel like junk. I really have to stop succumbing to being tired. I need to make myself a plan and actually stick to it. I need to make food for breakfast so I have something to eat at 6am besides a handful of cherries and some summer sausage. (Yikes, I know. I need more fat and protein.) I also need to plan out my dinners better. I’m not sure what the plan is yet, but I’m working on it. This whole working business keeps me busier than I thought it would.

Speaking of paleo, my husband begged me to make him paleo cereal. I was surprised, but I think he’s starting to feel self conscious about the weight he’s gained, and if I make him cereal than at least he’s making a step towards pale. Using lots of nuts, dehydrated fruit, and coconut flakes, I managed to make a really delicious cereal that he can enjoy that is paleo! I think it’s a good thing I’m following (or I will adhere more strictly to) the autoimmune protocol because after munching on the nuts while I made the cereal, I had the most nose-hair-curling farts. Positively diabolical. I had some macadamia nut butter today with the pad thai and I’ve been a bit gassy, but not stinking rancid, so that’s good. It could be the nuts or the 2 cloves of garlic I put in it. I love garlic.

This weekend we went over to my mother in law’s place. She made lunch for the kids, (decidedly un-paleo) and it was pretty good. However, as we were leaving she handed me a big bag (a white garbage bag) full of all the pasta that she had in her house that my father in law can no longer eat. I’ve told her more than a few times that we don’t eat this stuff anymore. I don’t understand why every time I see her she is surprised that I tell her I don’t eat gluten. I make the kids paleo lunches for school and try to keep the food they eat as paleo-friendly as I can. It’s hard though, because I can’t control what they eat when they’re visiting the grandparents (even though I’ve tried to tell them, no one listens.) Anyway, I’ll be giving all that pasta to the food shelter.

I haven’t done a blood test in almost 3 days and now I’m starting to get worried. I ran out of test strips and the pharmacist told me that I was testing too much and the insurance wouldn’t cover it. He told me that I would have to go and see my doctor to ask for a specific prescription even though he wrote “use as directed” on the original one. I explained this to the doctor’s office and they told me that the pharmacist could just request a new prescription by fax and my doctor would sign it. Well, if I had known it would have been that easy, I would have done it a lot sooner! Anyway, they got it today so I’ll pick it up when it’s filled. It freaks me out though, because I never know where I am in terms of my blood sugars being high or low, which affects how much insulin I take.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Take of yourself and keep it paleo!